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John Liddle



Photography is like life. One preserves moments in time; the other can be changed by moments in time. Either way the moments are remembered.

John Liddle has always taken photos.

The early joy of capturing now treasured family memories on simple point-and-shoot

cameras continues today, albeit with somewhat more sophisticated equipment.


His images do not fit neatly into any particular genre,

yet are driven by an essentially documentary philosophy.

Images happen when opportunity meets preparedness. They are real and not staged

– a principle continued in post-production where only minimal adjustments are made.


Viewers are invited to share these photographic moments and in doing so,

perhaps thoughts and emotions will be triggered. It is often said that

"every picture tells a story", yet the story is not the same for everyone.

We each see the world differently and it is hoped that you find, within these images, something that takes you from the here and now to another time or place, past or future.


A sabbatical during 2011-12 provided John Liddle with an opportunity to travel to Japan

and China as a photographer, from which the images for his first exhibition (Interlude)

have been drawn.


Further projects are currently in development

and will form the basis for future exhibitions.




© John Liddle 2012